Join our Hindi calligraphy classes to learn the art of beautiful Devnagri script. Explore the elegance of Hindi lettering and develop your skills in this expressive form of writing.

Details For Online Devnagri Course is of uptown 11 days, 1 hour everyday

What you will learn:-

🔖Introduction, posture, pen holding, grip, getting familiar with your pen, basic drills

🔖व्यंजन (consonants) Group 1

🔖व्यंजन (consonants) Group 2

🔖व्यंजन (consonants) Group 3

🔖व्यंजन (consonants) Group 4

🔖व्यंजन (consonants) Group 5

🔖व्यंजन (consonants) Group 6

🔖व्यंजन (consonants) Group 7

🔖Watercolour backgrounds

🔖स्वर (Vowels)

🔖Word formation & Spacing

🔖जोड़ाक्षर words

🔖Numbers & Punctuation marks

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