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My name is Mrs. Devyani Luharuka. I am a calligrapher. To balance out my fierce need to create, I spend all my free time doing calligraphy and have been doing it for more than 10 years now. Calligraphy is the art of forming beautiful letters by creating a harmonious pattern of thick and thin lines using a single tool.

I believe in the beauty of a timeless, handwritten script which is worthy of evoking awe through graceful letters. I have launched my website www.callishailee.com, to give glimpses of my calligraphy journey and to take up client commissions, without leaving the comfort of my home. I love bringing the enthusiasm and passion, I have for this art, to students and clients across the world! You can visit my Facebook and Instagram pages by the name of “callishailee”, to view my calligraphy journey. To sum up, I would say, “Of all the ways in which we express ourselves non-verbally, none is more personal than writing”.

10+ years of Experience

Happy clients in the making from a decade.

We offer self-help calligraphy books in many scripts such as Italics, Gothic, Narrow Brush Lettering, Broad brush lettering, Modern calligraphy, etc. These are comprehensive course books with ample emphasis on each alphabet and enough space to practice; they come with my detailed tutorial to overcome difficulties while practicing the book. The books contain all the alphabets of the respective script (Small and Capital), words, phrases and sentences.

After completing these books you can confidently write on greeting cards, certificates, invitations, project work etc. using your freshly learnt skills. You can also choose to enroll in my workshops for a more hands-on experience.

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