Instagram Content Ideas for Calligraphers

In today’s world of technology, it is important to showcase your skills on social media platforms.

This attracts potential employers towards your display of skill. So, here are a few Instagram content ideas that can help you diversify your reach and flaunt your calligraphy skills.

  • Share a tutorial to help the audience engage with you.
  • Share your work progress to keep your audience connected and waiting.
  • Share an inspiring quote to motivate your audience.
  • Showcase a collection of your best artwork.
  • Keep reinventing yourself by trying out new styles.
  • Keep sharing helpful tips to help the new people in the field get inspired by you.
  • Do a regular photo-dump session to showcase different varieties of your art.
  • Promote your product or services to attract new customers or employers.
  • Let creativity reflect in your work by mixing it with your other interests.
  • Write one word in different styles to show variety and encourage your audience to try the same.
  • Showcase your favourite or recommended set of tools to keep your content and skill relatable for the people. 
  • Share memes related to your skill to keep your page relatable, lively, and interesting.
  • Post weekly challenges to keep your audience engaged and connected to the art form.
  • Share common mistakes that can occur in calligraphy to guide the new people trying out the skill.

Following these steps will make your Instagram page interactive and lively. This will keep your audience engaged and hooked to your account and art. It will also provide multiple professional opportunities to showcase and monetize your skill. This will also help you keep working towards improving and expanding your skill set.


We hope that through this article, you learned about various Instagram content ideas that you can use to flaunt your Calligraphy skills.

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