Copperplate Basic course is designed to be your one stop course packed with instructions, interactions,  exemplars, tips/techniques, and suggested homework so you can stop wasting time/money, walk away with a solid foundation and start creating more!
🔖What exactly will you learn?
Introduction to Copperplate:- Learn how to practice using guidesheets, set up your workspace, have a proper posture, and take a peek into my favorite supplies! Also, we will discuss the problems faced by beginners and how to solve them. 
🔖 Warm Up Exercises & Drills:- We will begin by loosening up our muscles with various warm up exercises. We will also do some nib exercises to understand the flexibility of the nib. 
🔖 Lowercase Letter Basic Strokes:- Master the 9 basic strokes that are fundamental to writing consistent lowercase letters! I will share tips and common errors so you can know what to watch out for.
🔖 Lowercase Letters:- Now it’s time to combine the basic strokes together! We will go through 4 groups of lowercase letters by breaking down each letterform and and how you can practice with intention.
🔖 Connecting Letters:- Learn how to connect different combinations together as we examine various ligatures. We will also talk about ways to handle double letters by implementing slight variations.
🔖 Uppercase Letters:- We will begin with 9 additional basic strokes, and then move onto uppercase letters. Learn how to beautifully execute them with confidence!
🔖 Phrases:- Lastly, we learn how to write short phrases in copperplate calligraphy. 
🔖🔖🔖 3 BONUSES:-
🔖 Double letters:- What to do when you find words with double letters? Can we do slight variations? You sure can! In this bonus lesson, we will go over ways to make adjustments to your letters for visual interest while maintaining the basic letter structure.
🔖 Copperplate Numbers & Symbols:- Knowing how to write your numbers and symbols is just as important as letters! Addressing envelopes, designing wedding invitations, or working on commission work are just some reasons why learning your numbers will be so beneficial.
🔖Tips for Lefties:- If you are a lefty, welcome! Learning copperplate calligraphy as a lefty comes with its challenges. In this class, I share the changes that can be made to any pen holder and what helps to overcome certain challenges.
This course is 10 sessions long. Each session will be of 1.5 hours.
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