Italic Calligraphy Course | Create Elegant Letterforms

Unlock the art of Italic calligraphy and create elegant letterforms

Instructor : Devyani Luharuka

Duration : 2 hrs 35 mins

Language : English Hindi

Certificate provided

About the Course


Italic Calligraphy Basics is a comprehensive course designed to teach you the fundamental techniques and principles of Italic calligraphy. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience in calligraphy, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to create beautiful, elegant Italic letterforms. Through step-by-step video tutorials and practice exercises, you will learn the proper hand positions, strokes, and letter proportions required for Italic calligraphy. By the end of this course, you will be able to create your own Italic calligraphy pieces and apply this timeless art form to various projects.

Key Highlights:

Learn the foundation of Italic calligraphy
Master proper hand positions and strokes
Create well-proportioned Italic letterforms
Develop your own unique calligraphy style

What you will learn:

Learn the foundational techniques
Gain a solid understanding of the basic principles and techniques of Italic calligraphy.

Master hand positions and strokes
Explore various hand positions and practice different types of strokes to achieve precision and consistency in your lettering.

Create well-proportioned letterforms
Discover the secrets of creating balanced and visually appealing Italic letterforms by understanding letter proportions.

Develop your unique style
Learn how to add your personal touch to Italic calligraphy by experimenting with variations and flourishes.


  • Italic calligraphy introduction
  • Italic calligraphy guideline sheets (Printout 50 sheets on 100 gsm paper)
  • Link to buy pens for italic calligraphy
  • Link to buy ink bottle for Italic calligraphy
  • How to start your pens
  • Other ways to start the ink flow
  • Posture and grip
  • Basic drills
  • Basic drills assignment
  • Introduction to Lines
  • Small alphabets group 1 (i,j,k,l,f,t)
  • Assignment for group 1
  • Small alphabets group 2:- (n,m,h,u,y)
  • Assignment for group 2
  • Word formation and spacing
  • Word formation and spacing assignment
  • Italic calligraphy Day 5
  • Day 6 is edited and uploaded above as “Words”
  • Italic calligraphy Day 7
  • Italic calligraphy Day 8
  • Italic Advanced Final Session
  • Italic Advanced Left Alignment
  • Italic Advanced Right Alignment
  • Italic Advanced Central Alignment
  • Italic Advanced Box Alignment

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