Gothic Calligraphy Course | Master Intricate Lettering

Unleash your creativity with the Gothic Calligraphy Basic plus Advanced FULL COURSE – Unlock the secrets of this captivating art form and master the intricacies of Gothic lettering. Dive into the techniques and advanced styles to create stunning calligraphic masterpieces. Elevate your skills and leave a lasting impression with your extraordinary Gothic calligraphy creations.

Instructor : Devyani Luharuka

Duration : 2 hrs 50 mins

Language : English Hindi

Certificate provided

About the Course

Gothic calligraphy is a style of beautiful hand lettering that’s been around since the Middle Ages. The actual term for this type of calligraphy is “blackletter,” and while there are a number of variations, this form of writing is beautiful and ornate. Whether you’re addressing wedding envelopes or you’re just looking for a new hobby, learning blackletter is a fun and challenging pursuit that anyone can enjoy!

When we see something written in a gothic script, we’re immediately transported back to the Middle Ages. It’s next to impossible to dissociate this style of calligraphy from that time period. CALLISHAILEE proposes a gothic script for beginners that is deceptively easy to master.


  • The Introduction
  • Posture
  • Position of the paper
  • About guideline sheets
  • Gothic guideline sheet
  • Link to buy the penset
  • Link to buy the ink
  • Choosing the right nib
  • How to start the ink flow?
  • How to grip the pen?
  • Concept of Lines
  • Basic Drills
  • Small Alphabets group 1 :- c,e,i,o,r,u
  • Small alphabets group 2 :- b,h,l,t
  • Small alphabets group 3:- j,p,q,f
  • Assignment and the correct way to do it
  • Small alphabets group 4:- a,m,n,s,v,w,x,z
  • Small alphabets group 5:- d,k,g,y
  • Revision of small alphabets
  • Gothic words and spacing
  • Assignment
  • Capital Alphabets A-M
  • Gothic capital N-Z
  • Gothic capital revision
  • Let’s write Phrases
  • Left alignment
  • Right alignment
  • Central alignment
  • Poetic alignment
  • Circular alignment
  • Using different different nibs from the penset
  • Paragraph writing
  • In case of doubts

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