You’ve admired all the beautiful flourished writings on Instagram and you have always wanted to try them, but don’t know where to start? Good news – there is a method to this and I’m here to walk you through the entire process. If done correctly, flourishing can instantly add elegance and elevate your lettering.
What Exactly is in the Course?
🔖 Basic Rules to Flourishing
🔖 Warm Up Drills
🔖 Different Types of Flourishes
🔖 Do’s and don’ts of flourishing 
🔖 Entrance stroke flourishing with lowercase letters
🔖 Exit stroke flourishing with lowercase letters
🔖 Flourishing with ascender loops
🔖 Flourishing with descender loops
🔖 Double letter flourishing
🔖 Flourishing capital alphabets
🔖 2 different ways of flourishing each capital letter.
🔖 One more set of flourished capital alphabets
🔖 Flourishing a single word in 6 different styles

🔖 Flourishing a single, 2 word phrase, in 6 different styles
🔖 Composition of a three word flourished phrase
🔖 Composition of a 4 line long phrase with flourishing
🔖 Composition of a poem with flourishing


🔖 Tips & Tricks.
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